• ENTRÉE | 頭 盤

    • Mermaid’s Tressess|干烧二崧


      An airy, fragile confection created from the costliest ingredients. Our Peking chef transforms the inner hearts of the finest seafood scallops into a thousand slices, finer than a mermaid’s golden tresses, served crispy deep-fried on a feather soft bed of savoury Chinese broccoli leaf, sprinkled and enhanced with some delectable sugared Chinese walnuts and dry cranberries

    • Seared Canadian Scallops in X.O Sauce|X.O醬燒加拿大帶子 (3 pcs)


      Pan seared scallops with House-made X.O chilli sauce. 3pcs

    • Beef or Vegetarian Curry Puffs|牛/素咖哩角 (2 pcs)

      $7.90 / $6.50

      Homemade deep-fried curry puffs stuffed with Australian minced beef or fresh vegetables
      $7.90 (beef) / $6.50 (veg)

    • Vegetarian San Choy Bau|蔬菜生菜包 (2 pcs) (GA)(V)


      A mixture of finely chopped fresh vegetables wrapped in crisp iceberg lettuce cups

    • Salt & Pepper Tofu Puffs | 椒鹽豆腐 (V) (6 pcs)


      Deep fried fresh Tofu wrapped with golden skin and flavoured with fresh red chilli, spring onion & coriander

    • Wonton in Chilli Sauce|紅油炒手 (4 pcs)


      Boiled wonton with pork and Chinese vegetable fillings dressed in Chef’s special red chilli sauce

    • Tang’s Steamed Silken Tofu|蒜蓉鮮椒蒸豆腐(GA)(V)


      Steamed silken tofu with fresh red chilli and minced garlic in homemade spicy & sour sauce

    • Peking Duck |北京鴨片 (2 pcs)


      Our renowned Peking Duck roasted to perfection and served with a range of fine accompaniments - hand-rolled pancakes, slivers of fresh cucumber & shallots & the luxurious Imperial Peking sauce

    • Fragrant Eggplant with House Special Sweet & Spicy Sauce|酸辣茄條 (V)


      Deep-fried eggplant topped with house special sweet & spicy sauce

    • Jumbo Prawn Toast|大蝦多士 (2 pcs)

    • Duck Spring Rolls|鴨春卷 (2 pcs)


      Homemade Duck spring rolls, served with Imperial Peking sauce

    • Chicken or Vegetarian Spring Rolls |雞肉/素春卷 (2 pcs)

      $7.50 / $6.50

      Homemade deep-fried chicken or vegetarian spring rolls, served with a tangy sweet & sour vinaigrette
      $7.50 (chicken) / $6.50 (veg)

    • Chicken or Seafood San Choy Bau|雞肉/海鮮生菜包 (2 pcs) (GA)

      $10.50 / $15.50

      A mixture of minced chicken or seafood, with finely chopped fresh vegetables and wrapped in crisp iceberg lettuce cups
      10.50 (chicken) /$15.50 (seafood)