• Chicken

    • Shantung Chicken|山東雞


      A traditional and popular crispy shredded chicken dish with fresh chilli and minced garlic bathed in
      our Chef’s special Shantung sauce

    • Kung Po Chicken|宮保雞 (GA)


      Traditional spicy Szechuan Dish. Diced supreme chicken Maryland fillets sautéed in Garlic, Shallots, Chilli, Aged Vinegar, and accompanied with roasted Nuts & Garlic Stems

    • Honey or Lemon Chicken |蜜糖/檸檬雞


      Crispy Chicken breast fillet topped with your choice of Honey or Lemon sauce

    • Tang Dynasty Beggar Chicken|叫化雞 (GA)


      A Chicken seasoned with a quartet of Chinese Pickled Vegetables, Shredded Port Fillets, Mushrooms and Five Spice. Marinated overnight, then wrapped in a Lotus Leaf and Bread dough and baked in an oven for five hours. (48 hours pre-order & deposit required. Please ask our friendly staff for details)

    • Peking Chicken|京汁雞


      Deep-fried tender chicken breast fillet pieces with our chef’s special Imperial Peking sauce