• Szechuan Cold Noodles | 川味涼麵


      Szechuan style noodle with chilled vegetables and garlic in spicy and sour aromatic sauce

    • Combination Seafood Chow Mien with X.O Sauce | X.O 醬海鮮雜燴炒麵


      Cantonese style noodle with combination of scallop, fish fillet, prawn and vegetables in Chef’s special XO sauce

    • Shanghai Noodle |上海炒麵

    • Wonton Noodle Soup|餛吞面 (6 pcs wonton)

    • Chef’s Special Fried Rice|特別炒飯 (GA)

    • Vegetarian Fried Rice or Chow Mien|素炒飯/炒麵 (V)

    • Steamed Jasmine Rice|白飯

      $3.50 PP
    • Combination Chow Mien |雜燴炒麵


      Cantonese style noodle with a combination of beef, chicken, pork and vegetables