• Seafood

    • Seafood Trio in Bird’s Nest | 雀巢海鮮(GA)


      Succulent Australian King Prawns, juicy Canadian Scallops and tender fish fillets tossed in crunchy snow peas presented in a hand-sculptured nest of freshly grated fried rice noodles

    • Seared Canadian Scallops with Snow Peas in X.O Sauce|荷豆X.O醬炒帶子


      Pan-seared juicy Canadian Scallops with snow peas in Chef’s House-made X.O chilli sauce.

    • Scallops with Ginger & Shallots | 薑蔥帶子(GA)


      Stir-fried Canadian Scallops with Ginger & Shallots

    • Yuxiang Chilli Jumbo Prawns|魚香澳洲大蝦(GA)


      Australian Jumbo Prawns with Chef’s special chilli sauce

    • Honey King Prawns |蜜糖大蝦


      Deep-fried Australian King Prawns battered with honey sauce and a sprinkling of sesame seeds.

    • Sizzling Garlic King Prawns|鐵板蒜蓉大蝦球 (GA)


      Stir-fried Australian Jumbo King Prawns wok-tossed with garlic in a sizzling plate with leeks & onion.

    • Salt & Pepper Calamari | 椒鹽魷魚


      Deep-fried Australian Calamari served with red chilli & spring onion

    • Salt & Pepper Flounder | 椒鹽左口


      Deep-fried Australian Flounder served with red chilli & spring onions

    • Yuxiang Chilli Lobster Tail|魚香澳洲龍蝦尾 (GA)


      Australia Premium Lobster tail in Chef’s special Yuxiang chilli sauce.

    • Salt & Pepper Lobster Tail|椒鹽龍蝦尾


      Deep-fried Lobster tail served with red chilli & spring onion.

    • Spicy Sour New Zealand Ling Fish|酸菜煮深海鯪魚片 (GA)


      Wild New Zealand Ling Fish in spicy sour soup with pickled cabbage.

    • Steamed Wild Ocean Perch in Spicy Sauce |豉汁鮮椒蒸深海鱸魚片 (GA)


      Steamed New Zealand Wild Ocean Perch with chilli, ginger and soy sauce.

    • Steamed Whole Fish of the Day |清蒸是日魚 (GA)

      Market Price

      Steamed Australian Whole Barramundi with black bean, fresh chilli, garlic, ginger & shallot.

    • Szechuan Lobster Tail|四川麻辣澳洲龍蝦尾 (GA)


      Wok tossed Australian premium Lobster tail served with Chef's special Szechuan chilli sauce.