• Vegetable Selections

    • Mixed Seasonal Vegetables | 清炒時菜(GA)(V)

    • Spicy & Sour Baby Eggplant |涼拌茄子(GA)(V)


      A vegan-friendly dish with steamed baby eggplant with fresh red chilli and minced garlic in homemade spicy & sour sauce

    • Asparagus with Snow Peas |蒜蓉蘆筍荷蘭豆(GA)(V)


      Stir-fried asparagus with snow peas and minced garlic

    • Szechuan Green Beans in X.O Sauce|X.O 醬炒四季豆


      Szechuan style cooked fresh green beans in Chef’s house-made X.O sauce.

    • Lotus Root & Assorted Vegetables|荷塘小炒 (GA)(V)


      Stir fried lotus roots with snow peas, black fungus & carrot.

    • Garlic Baby Pak Choy|蒜蓉小唐菜(GA)(V)

    • Chinese Broccoli with Oyster or Soy Sauce|蠔油/豉油芥蘭(GA)(V)